PD0HLA   and  ADSB



from Alphen aan den Rijn over the road to Schiphol 23 KM by air prox 12 KM

when i on my roof i c by clear weather Schiphol airport

by road i'm i gues 40 KM from Rotterdam The Haque airport by air prox 28 KM

the radar runs 24/7 365 on this site

Amsterdam Luchthaven Schiphol AMS EHAM 54.987.500 6 (6) site luchthaven
Beek Maastricht Aachen Airport MST EHBK 287.000 1 (1) site luchthaven
Eindhoven Eindhoven Airport EIN EHEH 3.925.000 1 (1) site luchthaven
Rotterdam Rotterdam The Hague Airport (voorheenVliegveld Zestienhoven) RTM EHRD 1.687.574 1 (1) site luchthaven



Hello dear friend Henk.

We look for, your participation to put a receiver  ADSB  for aerial traffic reception in your home.

Peraps an other OM are interesting also to receive planes positions, its good also for security crash plane rescue…

You can transmit my message for your friends, OM, radio-club, members around.

You have airport near you antenna  Amsterdam Schiphol.

Can you give me informations about this possibility ?

Tou very much   My best 73.


Philippe Bery (F6GKD)



Opzoek naar mensen die een box willen plaatsen

24/7 aansluiten op internet en aanlaten staan
stroomverbruik is 5 volt 3.5 Watt dat is 6 Euro p.j. of wel 0.0164383 per dag

zij/hij die intÚresse hebben stuur een bericht naar Philippe Bery f6gkd@wanadoo.fr

dit is voor mensen die op en rond schiphol wonen

je hoeft er geen zendamateur voor te zijn iedereen mag het doen

een voorwaarde is dat er een antennetje op het dak moet komen

en je een bekabelde internet aansluiting op de ADSB box aansluit

intÚresse mail naar bovenstaand email adres (in het Frans of Engels)

er zijn geen kosten aan verbonden, kijk op deze web pagina http://www.radarvirtuel.co


De besten plaatsen en omgeving

Halfweg, boersingheliede, Hoofddorp

Aalmeer, Rozenburg, Oude Meer




Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Call sign
Kanaal/ Frequentie (MHz)
Area Control Centre Amsterdam Radar 120.555 24 uur Aankomsten via ARTIP holding (in de buurt van Lelystad)
Area Control Centre Amsterdam Radar 134.375 24 uur Aankomsten via NARSO holding (in de buurt van Veenhuizen)
Area Control Centre Amsterdam Radar 127.780 24 uur Aankomsten via RIVER holding (in de buurt van Oostvoorne)
Area Control Centre Amsterdam Radar 118.805 24 uur Aankomsten via SUGOL holding (Noordzee t.h.v. Ijmuiden)
Approach Schiphol Approach/ Departure 119.055 24 uur  
Approach Schiphol Approach/ Departure 118.080 Op aanvraag  
Approach Schiphol Approach/ Departure 369.300 Op aanvraag  
Approach Schiphol Approach/ Departure 121.205 24 uur  
Approach Schiphol Arrival 118.405 24 uur  
Approach Schiphol Arrival 131.155 24 uur  
Approach Schiphol Approach 126.680 Op aanvraag  
Tower Schiphol Tower 119.230 24 uur Startbaan 04/22 (Oostbaan) en 18L/36R (Aalsmeerbaan)
Tower Schiphol Tower 118.105 24 uur Startbaan 18C/36C (Zwanenburgbaan)
Tower Schiphol Tower 118.280 24 uur Startbaan 18R/36L (Polderbaan)
Tower Schiphol Tower 119.905 24 uur Startbaan 06/24 (Kaagbaan)
Tower Schiphol Tower 362.300 Op aanvraag  
Tower Schiphol Delivery 121.980 24 uur Clearance delivery (Start-up control VFR only)
Tower Schiphol Planner 121.655 24 uur Planner uitgaand verkeer
Tower Schiphol Ground 121.560 24 uur Ground Polderbaan
Tower Schiphol Ground 121.705 24 uur Ground zuiden
Tower Schiphol Ground 121.805 24 uur Ground noorden en oosten
Tower Schiphol Ground 121.905 24 uur Ground west
Tower Schiphol Ground 121.590 Op aanvraag  
Tower ATC Operational Information Schiphol 131.355 24 uur Informatie over verwachte baancombinaties i.c.m. vertrekroutes (alleen op piekmomenten)
ATIS Schiphol Arrival Information 132.980 24 uur  
ATIS Schiphol Departure Information 122.205 24 uur  
  Noodfrequentie 121.500 24 uur  
  Noodfrequentie 243.000 24 uur



Rotterdam The Hague Airport



Call sign

Kanaal/ Frequentie (MHz)



Approach Rotterdam Approach 127.030 Ma-Vr 07:00-22:30; Za-Zon 10:00-17:00  
Approach Rotterdam Approach 281.050 Ma-Vr 07:00-22:30; Za-Zon 10:00-17:00  
Approach Rotterdam Approach 126.680 Op aanvraag  
Tower Rotterdam Tower 118.205 24 uur  
Tower Rotterdam Tower 362.300 24 uur  
Tower Rotterdam Tower 119.705 24 uur Regional Guard
Tower Rotterdam Delivery 122.180 24 uur Start-up control en clearance delivery
ATIS Rotterdam Information 110.400 24 uur




Wait for aircraft to appear.

When the page is loaded, aircraft should appear within 10-20 seconds at most. Then they are refreshed with the same rate, depending on our website bandwidth.

Click on aircraft

When clicking on an aircraft, the INFO tab displays all latest information we have for this aircraft, and its path is displayed on the map.

Other things you must know :

  • all information we display are LIVE, with no delay.
  • each aircraft is visible on the map at least 2 minutes. If ever we get no update from an aircraft for more than 2 minutes, we do not display it anymore.
  • the number of aircraft can fluctuate quite a lot sometimes because of multiple aircraft suddenly going out of our coverage.
  • All these values (refresh rate, 2 minutes old latest information...) are linked to performance/technical issues and we will keep improving them.
  • For the best viewing experience, we strongly recommend to use Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If you notice bad performance issues using your browser (or popups), please try using another browser.


The website RadarVirtuel is manage by the companywww.adsbnetwork.com 

ADS-B NETWORK can act to realize the following services :
  • Dedicate cartography to follow your aircraft's fleet.
  • Local supervision of your airfield.
  • Daily flight report.
  • Give access to our stream of data (XML, JSON …) for software editors.
  • Setting up ADS-B, FLARM, ACARS, mode A and VDL2's infrastructure for backup.
  • Mobile development on iOS and Android.


You can contribute to complete the map on covered zone or not covered zone. 
Two solutions can be put in place : 

With your receiver(sbs-1, sbs-3, Dump1090M, Modesdeco2) 
A program that send data in avr's format (ANFeeder) can be downloaded during your registration as a contributor. 

Once the program installed and activated, a 2D marker will be active on our map with a link to your personal page. Then you will be able to submit your pictures, flight and registration number's corrective using your personal space. 

With our receiver : ADS-BeBox 
On demand and after validation, we can send you the equipment, including : 

A receiver configure for your sector, compatible ADS-B, FLARM, ATC, ACARS. 
An antenna ADS-B 1090 Mhz. 
An antenna VHF aeronautic band 118-136 Mhz. 
A POE (Power Over Ethernet) Tplink kit – RJ45 network cable category 5. 

Setting up prerequisites :

We stay available for any suggestion 
ADS-B Network Team 
Contact email : contact@radarvirtuel.com



RadarVirtuel is a platform open to professional of the aeronautic sector. 
(Software Editor, Flying Club, Aerodrome, Engineer school) 

You wish to accommodate one of our stations for one of your project, contact us by email at laurent.duval@adsbnetwork.com or give us a call at the 09 86 26 15 58 (phone located in France). 

We are looking for site with view on airfields to improve real-time follow-up of the rolling phase, take off and taxiway approch. The hardware is supplied freely, a setting up is also possible, after a study and validation of a cost estimate for the travel costs.


Created in 2009 by Laurent Duval, this website did not have a business vocation, it was just a passion about flying machines.


Our website was overwhelm with connections and stay offline for half a day before it can progressibely be in service again. Thank to Guillaume Esnault of the company Digicube for his help, and the whole contributor. 

We decide in June 2010 to create a company named Openskymap, to respond to the users' expectations. Despite the buzz and numerous prices, the company had to end its activity in november 2012 because of a lack of significant client... 

In October 2014 we create a new company named ADS-B NETWORK, to respond to the needs of aeronautic's sector profesionnal, software editors, by supplying a service of geo location using a web service. 

Today this service also supply the site beta.radarvirtuel.com 

Exemple of the stream's structure : 


<RegCode> F-GRHQ </RegCode>
<Callsign> HOP84XO</Callsign>
<Model>Airbus A319-111</Model>

In this example the aircraft has F-GRHQ for registration number, HOP84XO for technical flight number which match the commercial flight A53084 linking Nantes to Marseilles and received by the station LFRS. 
Other project are in progress, like a Feeder which send data from Raspberry Pi platform. 

We stay available to assist you if you have any specifique needs. 

Laurent Duval 
CEO of the company ADS-B NETWORK



Thanks from Laurent DuvaláCEO of the company ADS-B NETWORK and Phillippe F6GKD
PD0HLA '17«.