PD0ADV  -  PD0HLA   



I will send a qsl card after I have received a qsl card from you.
Of the last dx-expedition, 2012 and 2013,  I  received 33% qsl cards after I send 100% qsl cards
If you tell me during our QSL that you will send me a qls-card and then you dont it is very disappointment, for me.

qsls from swls are wellcome i return you my card as well
  On a mini DX-EXPEDITION to  - Belgium  26 September 03 Oktober 2014

we are on D-Star
On all bands
20 Meter on 14.250 or 14.225 in the morning from 09:00 till end of qso's
40 Meter on 7.087 or 7.097       from 09:00 till end of qso's
I can ask you more than ones for your call, because my coordination of my brain to my hands are not so well
from the 3 strokes I had a view years back,

for you a minor problem but for me a big help  your patience (thanks for it)


               ON/PD0ADV               ON/PD0HLA
          www.qrz.com/db/pd0adv   www.qrz.com/db/pd0hla

You can follow us trough the APRS   ( D-Star pd0adv) (pd0adv-9)



Belgium   Les Hayons

What you c is what you get

  Thanks for QSO
Your qso card is sent via the Buro and also a Eqsl
  Tranmitters on the spot in Belgium

Yaesu FT-950, Yaesu FT-897, Icom E80Dstar And Digi stuf for psk31 by PD0HLA (Henk)
Yaesu FT-3000 Yaesu FT-897 Icom 880 Dstar by PD0ADV (Alex)

Mini beam, Dimond X200, G5JR. Atas 120 Atas 100
HyEndFed vertical   HyEndFed horizontal





  Thanks For QSO and 73 from de PD0HLA   PD0ADV
  PD0HLA '16.